Network care

is based in reorganizational healing, which looks at pain as information. It’s the mechanism by which your body tells you to stop, take inventory of your life and what’s going on in it – and really find out what needs to change, or shift, or reorganize. Pain is a messenger saying, “Something needs your attention.”

Think of it this way: If your smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night, you don’t take the batteries out and go back to bed. By ignoring pain, you’re robbing yourself of an opportunity to learn something important.

Network care gives you the ability to self-assess in these “alarm” situations, to cut through avoidance strategies and get real about what’s truly going on. The whole purpose is to develop the ability to recognize where you’ve limited yourself, and start feeling empowered to shift your experience of life.

When you’re in our care, we act as agents of change and transformation, offering guidance and support while helping you get to a place of less defense. Once there, you’ll have the tools you need to shift your focus from your lower back pain, or your stiff shoulder, or your bum knee – to what’s actually at work in your life. That’s why we like to say that the real work, and the real healing, begin after you get off the table.

Network care can help you:

• Feel empowered

• Feel more safe and comfortable

• Raise your standards for what you want in your life

– Develop a greater ability to observe yourself and become more present
– Reconnect to your body as a place that’s resourceful
– Trust yourself more fully and more regularly
– Fill in the gaps in your life

• Experience a spiritual awakening

• Maintain an interest in living a healthy lifestyle

– Sustain positive feelings about yourself
– Identify and articulate what is and isn’t working in your life
– Feel better about yourself, even in trying life circumstances
– Move forward and create progress in your life

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