Dr. Donald Epstein

This is the website of the founder and developer of network care, Dr. Epstein. It’s well worth exploring to learn more about the benefits of network care.


WellBeing Center

Santa Cruz-based Drs. John and Christina Amaral have been offering innovative and effective strategies for creating remarkable health and well-being for nearly 15 years. Check out the videos in the Learning Center, and bookmark their great blog.




These are the latest books by Donald M. Epstein, D.C.

This is the latest book by the founder of network care. It describes the 12 stages of consciousness, and with the workbook, how to progress through them. I use many of the principles in these books in several areas of my practice, and highly recommend it for those who want to learn more about the body’s amazing capacity to heal.

The 12 Stages of Healing: A Network Approach to Wholeness

Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook

Healing Myths, Healing Magic: Breaking the Spell of Old Illusions; Reclaiming Our Power to Heal